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Of money and men

Yep, that sums up the last two weeks.

Aside from attempting to convince multiple groups of people to give us the money to take IP to the next stage we rolled up our sleeves and got into recruiting.

Discussions with two groups of potential investors are at advanced stages but untill the lady has sung we’re not popping champagne. The founders (including yours truly) have now reached the ‘thun-thun-gopal’ stage and need that moolah to realise the IP vision.

The hiring process has been tough. I feel like a Citibank tele-caller. Must have called nearly a hundred people. My right ear has turned a shade of rust red – and if cellphones carry radiation risk put me down as someone who’ll develop an extra ear shortly. (no, jokes on becoming a better listener are not welcome :))

On the positive side we received fantastic applications – the best of the best interested in working to make Inclusive Planet happen. That was a huge shot in the arm. We’ve shortlisted a few and hope to populate the founding team within 6-7 days.

Another active happening at a frantic pace is the disabled community survey being driven by JB (Janani Barath, Employee No.1) and RC. We’re interviewing / doing focus group discussions with tens of differently-abled to understand expressed and unexpressed needs. The early results are encouraging. We hope to have a report ready in 2 weeks. Having JB is fantastic because she has a deeper understanding of the differently-abled than most people in the country.

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Dina Mehta tweeted this article y’day.


Fantastic piece on online community building that should be read in the context of our earlier piece on what makes communities tick.

My favourite bit:

“Online community is all about conversation and connection. Joining the conversation in a smart, appropriate way, and building those connections is really both an art and a science. It requires very good listening skills, and the ability to show respect to the people who are already in the room, so to speak. You can’t use the same voice or style in, say, an iVillage message board for women with weight loss issues as you would on Twitter. You can’t build a loyal (meaning they come back week after week, and actually leave comments) blog readership the same way you get people to friend you on My Space. Different places, different voices, different approaches. And this is something you learn because you have actually been to all those different places and spaces — not just as someone trying to sell something, but as someone who truly enjoys and benefits from the wonderful world of online communities.

Listen up Mr/Ms Head of Community! 🙂

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Doordarshan prime time news will now have sub titles. Just confirms my belief in the otherwise much maligned Doordarshan.


The advent of satellite channels killed Doordarshan viewership in metros and bigger cities of the country. I wish this hadn’t happened. I wish Doordarshan had increased their program budgets and improved their production values. Because in terms of content, I think Doordarshan programs are better than most satellite channel programs. It’s primarily the production values where Doordarshan loses out. Primarily because government has put a cap on the per episode budget. Add to it the corruption, and the producer ends up treating a good story and idea shoddily. Doordarshan still has several programs aired during prime time that serve the dual purpose of social education and entertainment. While, satellite channels keep churning out formula programs or remakes of American shows. Doordarshan played an important role in shaping the thought of our generation. Shows like Focus, Surabhi, The World This Week influenced our view of the world. And simple things like ending every Chitrahaar with a partiotic song could only be done due to government mandate. For the sake of India, I hope Doordarshan changes with the times and yet retains its dual role of entertainment with social responsibility.

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Interesting ad

Came across this interesting outdoor ad for the Jaipur Foot.

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This is hilarious! If someone in India started taking and uploading pictures of people squatting on seats reserved for women, the elderly and the disabled, good old Dilli sheher alone would crash Google’s servers.


Thanks for sharing this with us Gautam!

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