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Readable has been updated!

The baseline version on which future developments will take place has been updated and put on the main site (Readable). A lot of changes, some visible, like the change in the search listings, and a lot of changes behind the scenes have taken place since the V2 version was demoed.

Over the few months we will be working hard to add new features to make Readable; a vibrant community oriented library, a platform to connect to other book-lovers and a platform for like-minded organizations. We can only achieve that through the support and help of the user community and well-wishers of Readable.

We have launched a new development blog for users to connect directly to the team working on Readable and give us the feedback and suggestions that we need to make this the best site that it can be.

So, PLEASE, come connect with us and tell us how we can make the dream for Readable come true!

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Sorry Aldous. Couldn’t resist flicking the title.

We just finished three days of intense brainstorming in Bangalore. Lot of learning and unlearning. Contrarian approaches leading to a more holistic approach to what we’re trying to do. Loads of ideas for Readable and early learnings for our next offering 🙂

Here’s a picture that speaks a thousand words:

a picture of the planeteers

a picture of the planeteers

Starting clockwise from bottom left: Kumar, Simon, Janani, Sachin, Anant, Reuben and Rahul.

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Bob Cringely is veteran tech journalist, worked for PBS and made rather fine documentaries. He blogged on cringely.com rather early like most of his kind, is widely read and most of his blogs cover rather obvious topics but somehow gives us a slightly different take on them. Now why I like Cringely is for an entire different reason. 

Bob blogs and now consults tech, but he never really gave up broadcasting. At the end of every blog, there is a button, that when pushed, lets you hear the entire blog in what he puts as ‘his sexy voice’. I know there is enough technology out there that you can use to hear them blogs and then there are of course many free to use tools that one can download. However, nothing really cuts it like the real guy behind the desk, and Bob is really really good in that department. Once you start hearing him, you tend to skip the text automatically and slowly succumb to his ‘sexy voice’. He might put in the button for an entirely different reason but at the end of the day, his blog is a bit more accessible, what say?

Bob can be heard on cringely.com

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For those of us not in the know about Google’s fantastic accessible search engine. Essentially it filters searches depending upon the ‘accessibility’ of that website. So if 10 sites meet the search and 4-5 are really inaccessible then those are likely to be really low down in this search engine while they may be much higher up in the regular search. Neat.

Google's Accessible Engine

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And Im going down, all the way down
Im on the highway to hell.


If you’re not able to see the full video open this post on a full page by clicking on the post title.

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If you are a web developer you definitely need to sign up for this!

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