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If you are reading this, it probably means that you have crossed the digital divide and are independent enough to take in the sea of content, that we call the internet. But in Madagascar, out of 600,000 persons with visual impairment, less than 10 have access to computers!

Three young social entrepreneurs have decided to bring about change! Holiniaina, Martin and Karin are just like you and me… the only difference is that they acted! They created The Madagascar Education and Resource Centre for the visually Impaired (MERCI) with the vision to offer support and services for visually impaired people in and around Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar.

MERCI needs your help!

MERCI has decided to maximize the power of collaboration by using the Inclusive Ideas platform. Here’s how you can help.

  1. The team at MERCI has designed a computer training curriculum, but before finalising it, they wanted everybody’s views is to ensure that students of MERCI get access to the best possible curriculum. Click here to review MERCI’s computer training curriculum. Moreover, if you already have some material which can be used for developing this curriculum, then feel free to share it.
  2. To achieve their vision, they need funds to run MERCI. You may not be able to help 600,000 people overnight… but what you can do, in your own small way, is contribute to this cause, and pass the word on to people in your network. If you are interested in funding their venture or helping them in any other way, then do write to us on contact at inclusiveplanet dot com

Join hands with Holiniaina, Martin, Karin & Inclusive Planet to give this gift to the visually impaired people of Madagascar! Armed with the knowledge of computers, the opportunities are innumerable. They can start a business, write stories, create music, join groups, campaign for causes, try online dating, make friends around the world and be on Inclusive Planet. 🙂  A gift that they can use throughout their lives… a gift that will enrich their life!

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One month ago, we told you about Inclusive Ideas and the initiation of the SANCB Challenge.

We are really happy to tell you that Lindie’s initiative to look for a global solution through the Inclusive Planet community received a phenomenal response.

When we set off attempting to hunt for feedback we did not anticipate the response we got!
3000 members from 76 countries were made aware of this issue.
40 distinct solutions were presented on how the current template can be made accurate, cost effective and much more accessible.
The Global Voice, the radio station that helps the world’s blind and sighted communities see eye to eye, reached out to us and ran a public service announcement for us.

A result like this would normally take weeks, even months. But with the help of the community we have together been able to unlock the potential of collaborative solution creation!

Lindie Van Zyl, we would like to thank you for helping us discover the power of collaborative solutions.

One person’s vision and resolve transformed a local solution to Global Solutions!

One would think – how can an organization in Cape Town, South Africa reach out to people across the world for feedback and suggestions, keeping in mind limitations of time? This is where Lindie decided to use the global community on Inclusive Planet.

Collaboration opens up new possibilities. Possibilities that we cannot not imagine… we can help create Braille voting templates in South Africa, help sighted people understand the challenges faced by a visually impaired person, change government policy or create a movement to make all websites accessible!

Here is what Lindie had to say “This is what we had in mind when we contacted Inclusive Planet, but we are delighted about the amount of assistance we received – it transcended our wildest expectations. We can not thank Inclusive Planet enough for the time and money they saved us by putting us in contact with knowledgeable people from around the globe. We whish you all the success and know that Inclusive planet will become an essential part of most blind people’s world. Thank you for all the trouble and for always being available to assist us and for developing a tool that generated so much interest in our project.”

Coming soon, the next inclusive idea which involves three young social entrepreneurs who are opening a computer training institute for the blind in Madagascar! So keep watching this space.

If you want to use the inclusive ideas platform then get in touch with us on contact at inclusiveplanet dot com

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Released in April 2007, Wayfinder Access was the first GPS application that was accessible for blind and low vision users on their mobile phone. A breakthrough! an affordable product that made blind persons more independent by informing them about their surroundings and allowing them to walk any route they wanted.

Vodafone recently bought Wayfinder Systems and discontinued Wayfinder Access. Most blind users don’t have an alternative, so they will lose access to all the freedom GPS navigation can offer them.

The few alternatives to Wayfinder Access are at least 3 times more expensive and often don’t run on a mobile phone, requiring the user to carry around and maintain a lot of extra expensive equipment.  In many countries, no alternative for Wayfinder is available at all.

As you will see, discontinuing Wayfinder Access would put thousands of blind pedestrians off track!  Please help us make clear to Vodafone that they are heading the wrong way and sign our petition! Please also pass on the link to this page to other persons to ensure we get as many signatures as possible!

Sign the petition

Read the full petition

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Sometimes things happen for a reason. As discussions heated up inside our team on how to better leverage the abilities of our members and the strength of the community to bring in change, we received an interesting email. An email from lindie van zyl, the communications officer for the South African National Council for the Blind (SANCB). The team at SANCB had worked tirelessly over the last few months to come up with a design for a Braille Voting Template which would enable secret ballot for blind people in South Africa. Before implementing it, they wanted to get the opinions from people across the globe, so that the best possible solution comes out.

We brainstormed on what would be the best way to facilitate this, and the concept of “Inclusive Ideas” emerged. A platform where we can collectively brainstorm. A platform where this global exchange of ideas is possible. A platform where you can come, share your idea. As simple as that! On one hand it enables us to leverage the diversity of our planeteers from over 78 countries; and on the other it is also open to anyone across the world who wants to contribute towards inclusiveness.

The possibilities of this platform are endless… we could help create Braille voting templates in South Africa, help sighted people understand the challenges faced by a visually impaired person, change government policy or create a movement to make all websites accessible!

We look forward to unlocking the power of collaboration through the World Wide Web! So bring us your problems and bring us your ideas. We will stir it all together and we are sure that something wonderful will emerge!

So what are you waiting for? share your ideas for the sancb braille voting template challenge

Join in with your ideas! Let’s create an Inclusive Planet! Together, there are no barriers

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