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It seems that everyone has an opinion on twitter… they love it, hate it, don’t mind it, find it useful, or think it’s a waste of time. But they still have an opinion on it. While I was doing my research I found some very interesting articles like Top 5 ways Smart people use Twitter, why twitter will endure etc. I also found Why I don’t use twitter. You can read all these and make up your mind for yourself. Better yet, sign up and try it out!

But whatever you do, don’t dismiss it out of hand. There is value that twitter provides, if you know how to tap it effectively.
We started actively tweeting from @inclusiveplanet recently and the response has been phenomenal! I don’t want to measure the results based on the number of followers or lists etc. What I will base it on is the solutions that we have discovered, and similar minded people & organizations that we have managed to connect with!

Now coming to the point of the blog post – You can now tweet from Inclusive Planet!

Of course we didn’t debate over the potential use of twitter. Our decision was easy to make – Our planeteers asked for it! J
Many of our members pointed out that they would like to tweet from Inclusive Planet – what they are doing on Inclusive Planet, share with other people something that they saw or read on Inclusive Planet.

This is a pretty exciting move for us. It allows all our members to let the rest of the world know what you they’re upto! Or as one of planeteers, Tomi puts it – “my vocational school blocks Twitter now 😦 Inclusive Planet to the rescue! 😀 #1P”

I suggest you join in on the fun… and don’t forget to use #1P – the official Inclusive Planet hash tag.

Tweet away….

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inclusive planet now speaks your tongue

inclusive planet now speaks your tongue!

That’s right! we just got a translation interface up on inclusive planet. What does that mean? Say, you like Russian better than English, you now can change everything on inclusive planet to Russian and get your Russian friends on board! Inclusive planet will now speak the language you want, even Esperanto if you want it to!

The translation interface, which of course, is fully accessible, required some serious juggling in the back end as we tussled with the complexities of different grammatical structures. Our users,  who have done the translations, and our team think that we have come to a reasonable solution that can handle multiple grammatical structures effortlessly.

We really hope that this little evolution of Inclusive Planet will have a large impact in your corner of the world.

We really want to give our thanks to Soner for helping us test this out, and of course, for doing the heroic job of translating Inclusive Planet into Turkish. We hope to see a lot of our Turkish friends on Inclusive Planet soon!



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Sometimes things happen for a reason. As discussions heated up inside our team on how to better leverage the abilities of our members and the strength of the community to bring in change, we received an interesting email. An email from lindie van zyl, the communications officer for the South African National Council for the Blind (SANCB). The team at SANCB had worked tirelessly over the last few months to come up with a design for a Braille Voting Template which would enable secret ballot for blind people in South Africa. Before implementing it, they wanted to get the opinions from people across the globe, so that the best possible solution comes out.

We brainstormed on what would be the best way to facilitate this, and the concept of “Inclusive Ideas” emerged. A platform where we can collectively brainstorm. A platform where this global exchange of ideas is possible. A platform where you can come, share your idea. As simple as that! On one hand it enables us to leverage the diversity of our planeteers from over 78 countries; and on the other it is also open to anyone across the world who wants to contribute towards inclusiveness.

The possibilities of this platform are endless… we could help create Braille voting templates in South Africa, help sighted people understand the challenges faced by a visually impaired person, change government policy or create a movement to make all websites accessible!

We look forward to unlocking the power of collaboration through the World Wide Web! So bring us your problems and bring us your ideas. We will stir it all together and we are sure that something wonderful will emerge!

So what are you waiting for? share your ideas for the sancb braille voting template challenge

Join in with your ideas! Let’s create an Inclusive Planet! Together, there are no barriers

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