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Bharat draws on his personal experience to describe the main obstacles to the integration of hearing impaired children into mainstream education, particularly in India. He makes a compelling case for public-private partnerships to bring about much-needed reform.


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IBCL 20-20!

The video says it all! Cricket is indeed a religion!


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The apple iphone has had its ups and downs recently. On one hand it alongwith RIM’s blackberry phones clocked about 35% of profits for the mobile industry last year. In two years time, that is a significant chunk to achieve while nokia and the rest are still pushing megapixels. (http://www.itpro.co.uk/612985/apple-and-rim-dominate-profit-share). but on the other hand, there are issues that it needs to address like the one where its contract manufacturer does things to it’s employees that forces them to kill themselves, just because he went and lost a prototype iphone (http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/09/07/21/worker_commits_suicide_after_iphone_prototype_goes_missing_reports.html).

All said and done, there was this article that i found that gave me an interesting insight into what apple has achieved at the end of the day.  Let me clarify that I am neither a rabid apple fanboy nor a consumate apple hater, I believe apple has it’s issues and it’s virtues.

I have heard only praises from anybody who has used apple’s in built narrator for the mac – voice over.  And this article is about a near blind photographer who uses an iphone to click photos instead of his Nokia which, incidentally has a much better camera.


My point is simple. I like it when one designs in such a way that whatever features offered, however inane, is inclusive and fully serviceable. It make sound business sense to do so because anything you build then has a much wider audience, easier acceptance and faster conversions. If this trend continues. I won’t find the below articles too hard to believe

( http://www.cellphonenews2.com/stories/484053/Will_Nokia_be_Doomed_by_2013_and_in_2011_Will_Apple_Pass_It.html) and further proof that Nokia  still doesn’t get it (http://gizmodo.com/5310257/nokia-iphone-3gs-has-a-crappy-camera-n97-rocks-faces) and how (http://gizmodo.com/5315929/nokia-is-doomed-pt-iii-profits-plummet-by-two-thirds)

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I became a big fan of the Impossible is Nothing tagline, when Adidas launched a full page advert in the TOI  with Sachin Tendulkar. When I came across the story of Nick Vujicic, it reinforced my belief that IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!

So who is Nick Vujicic (pronounced Vooey-Cheech)?

He is 26 year old entrepreneur who runs company called “Attitude is Attitude”

He has obtained a double bachelor degree majoring in accounting and financial planning

In 2005 Nick was nominated for the “Young Australian of the Year” Award

He loves golfing, fishing, and travelling around the world

This year alone Nick is set to speak in over 20 countries.

His sense of humour can give Russel Peters a run for his money!

Check out one his popular clips on you tube

Incidentally he had visited Mumbai sometime back to inspire people. Looking forward to meeting him if decides to visit India again!

Jai Ho Vujicic!

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Odeon Newbies

For most new parent, going to any performance or movie is tough. Restaurants are ok cause everybody is busy doing their own thing, but talk about going to a play and the new parents think twice.

So now imagine a theatre full of new parents with their kids alongside. While some theatres here inIndia have given a shot at creating play areas (http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/2005/04/01/stories/2005040101511700.htm), most don’t cater to this recently invisible population.

Odeon in the UK  just did that. http://www.odeon.co.uk/fanatic/newbies/

You can bring your babies here and enjoy the movie too. the lights are dimmed and the sound is not that loud to work the baby up. You have mats on the floor where they can run around and to top it, the baby gets in for free. From what I have read on discussion forums, the theatre is really really noisy, but there is a smile on every parent’s face, a sublime, satisfied one.

Great idea for all them multiplexes here struggling to fill seat on a weekday afternoon.

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Bob Cringely is veteran tech journalist, worked for PBS and made rather fine documentaries. He blogged on cringely.com rather early like most of his kind, is widely read and most of his blogs cover rather obvious topics but somehow gives us a slightly different take on them. Now why I like Cringely is for an entire different reason. 

Bob blogs and now consults tech, but he never really gave up broadcasting. At the end of every blog, there is a button, that when pushed, lets you hear the entire blog in what he puts as ‘his sexy voice’. I know there is enough technology out there that you can use to hear them blogs and then there are of course many free to use tools that one can download. However, nothing really cuts it like the real guy behind the desk, and Bob is really really good in that department. Once you start hearing him, you tend to skip the text automatically and slowly succumb to his ‘sexy voice’. He might put in the button for an entirely different reason but at the end of the day, his blog is a bit more accessible, what say?

Bob can be heard on cringely.com

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For those of us not in the know about Google’s fantastic accessible search engine. Essentially it filters searches depending upon the ‘accessibility’ of that website. So if 10 sites meet the search and 4-5 are really inaccessible then those are likely to be really low down in this search engine while they may be much higher up in the regular search. Neat.

Google's Accessible Engine

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