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We are glad to tell you that Inclusive Planet has been accredited as an observer to the WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization.

Rahul Cherian is present at the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights happening at the moment in Switzerland.

Following is the statement of Inclusive Planet, India on the matter of the Treaty for the Blind, Visually Impaired and other Reading Disabled, proposed by Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico  and Paraguay.

June 21, 2010

Mr. Chairman, distinguished delegates and ladies and gentlemen , I thank the WIPO Secretariat for processing our accreditation to the WIPO as an observer and the decision of this Committee to accredit my organization. I represent Inclusive Planet Foundation, a non profit organisation based in India, focusing on policy reform in the disability space as a part of which we have been campaigning in India for appropriate amendments to Indian copyright law to create exceptions and limitations to enable persons with disabilities to access material in alternate formats. Our sister organisation, a for profit organization runs Inclusivelanet.com, one of the fastest growing social networks for persons with visual impairment, with users from 80 countries. Inclusive Planet’s Services division provides technology solutions and consultancy to organisations related to web and content accessibility.

Mr. Chairman, Inclusive Planet Foundation believes that the Treaty proposed by Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Paraguay is essential to improve the lives of the millions of persons with disabilities in India and we are extremely supportive of the Treaty for the following reasons:

1. Firstly, We believe that in India and other developing countries where large funding for conversion and distribution is not available, and where there are no institutional intermediaries with the kind of reach, infrastructure and financial support as the intermediaries in the US and Europe, all stakeholders including NGOs, educational institutions, libraries, persons with disabilities , parents and volunteers must be allowed to convert and distribute and import and export material in accessible formats. The Treaty proposed by Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Paraguay allows for this. Any proposal which limits these activities only to intermediaries that have the support of rightholders will not be of any great benefit to India or other developing countries.

2. Secondly, We believe it is important that persons with hearing impairment and persons with other disabilities who need alternate formats must not be discriminated against and be left behind. The Treaty proposed by Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Paraguay covers not only persons with print disabilities but also persons with other disabilities who require alternate formats. Other proposals in the table have also good definitions of beneficiaries. We believe that any proposal which extends only to persons with print disabilities will be unjust.

3. Thirdly, We believe that non-commercial conversion and distribution should not require payment to rights holders keeping in mind the cost and effort taken in such conversion and distribution. We also believe that rights holders must be compensated for commercial conversion and distribution. The Treaty proposed by Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Paraguay provides for these two options. We believe that this system will incentivize rights holders to convert and sell material in accessible formats at affordable prices, which we believe is the only long term solution to solving the book famine.

4. Lastly, We believe that for-profit entities who wish to undertake conversion on a not-for-profit basis must be permitted to do so. It has been our experience in India that large corporations wish to convert material into accessible formats as part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives on a non-commercial basis. This must be encouraged. The Treaty proposed by Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Paraguay provides for this. We believe that any proposal that does not recognize the roles that can be played by for-profit entities is limited and will not contribute to long term solutions.

In short Mr. Chairman, the ground realities in India and other developing countries are completely different from those in the United States and in Europe. In India and other developing countries, people with disabilities need all the help we can get, from all parties willing to help. Any proposal that recognizes only intermediaries as part of the solution will be of extremely limited impact in India. We believe that the Treaty for the Blind, Visually Impaired and other Reading Disabled, proposed by Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Paraguay is THE proposal which addresses the needs of persons with disabilities in developing countries. We urge member states to support the treaty proposed by Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Paraguay if any meaningful change is to be made to the lives of millions of persons with disabilities around the world and especially in developing countries including India.

To read more about the other treaties, see Comparison of the four proposals on disabilities at WIPO SCCR.


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The Fake IPL Player is on inclusive planet!

That’s right, the FIP (fake IPL player) has started a channel exclusively on  inclusive planet where he will read out one chapter a week, for members of inclusive planet.  Sounds too good to be true? Listen to this!

If you are not a member, what are you waiting for? You can register for free at http://inclusiveplanet.com/en/register. Once you do that, then head to http://inclusiveplanet.com/en/group/495133 and subscribe to the channel.  We got two podcasts up already, read out by the one and only FIP himself!

That’s all we got to say. Hope you enjoy your weekly dose of Appams and  Naans and Chirkut Telis (Our other personal favorite 🙂 )

Will keep you updated with every new podcast

Best, Anant

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It seems that everyone has an opinion on twitter… they love it, hate it, don’t mind it, find it useful, or think it’s a waste of time. But they still have an opinion on it. While I was doing my research I found some very interesting articles like Top 5 ways Smart people use Twitter, why twitter will endure etc. I also found Why I don’t use twitter. You can read all these and make up your mind for yourself. Better yet, sign up and try it out!

But whatever you do, don’t dismiss it out of hand. There is value that twitter provides, if you know how to tap it effectively.
We started actively tweeting from @inclusiveplanet recently and the response has been phenomenal! I don’t want to measure the results based on the number of followers or lists etc. What I will base it on is the solutions that we have discovered, and similar minded people & organizations that we have managed to connect with!

Now coming to the point of the blog post – You can now tweet from Inclusive Planet!

Of course we didn’t debate over the potential use of twitter. Our decision was easy to make – Our planeteers asked for it! J
Many of our members pointed out that they would like to tweet from Inclusive Planet – what they are doing on Inclusive Planet, share with other people something that they saw or read on Inclusive Planet.

This is a pretty exciting move for us. It allows all our members to let the rest of the world know what you they’re upto! Or as one of planeteers, Tomi puts it – “my vocational school blocks Twitter now 😦 Inclusive Planet to the rescue! 😀 #1P”

I suggest you join in on the fun… and don’t forget to use #1P – the official Inclusive Planet hash tag.

Tweet away….

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inclusive planet now speaks your tongue

inclusive planet now speaks your tongue!

That’s right! we just got a translation interface up on inclusive planet. What does that mean? Say, you like Russian better than English, you now can change everything on inclusive planet to Russian and get your Russian friends on board! Inclusive planet will now speak the language you want, even Esperanto if you want it to!

The translation interface, which of course, is fully accessible, required some serious juggling in the back end as we tussled with the complexities of different grammatical structures. Our users,  who have done the translations, and our team think that we have come to a reasonable solution that can handle multiple grammatical structures effortlessly.

We really hope that this little evolution of Inclusive Planet will have a large impact in your corner of the world.

We really want to give our thanks to Soner for helping us test this out, and of course, for doing the heroic job of translating Inclusive Planet into Turkish. We hope to see a lot of our Turkish friends on Inclusive Planet soon!



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We are excited to announce that we have launched Inclusive Planet in Spanish!

Within a month of the launch of our english site, we received requests from members of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, that they wanted our planet to be accessible to all their country members. Ramy sent us this message ““Really the site is ausom, but please, can u add the arabic language in books, so i can spread it in the arab community?” Thats when we realized that language was becoming a barrier for people to access Inclusive Planet!

Of course we were open to the idea of launching the site in other languages, but the question was who would manage language localisations, and more importantly was there a population to justify the language localisations.

So as a pilot we decided to translate the site into Spanish, as the entire Latin American continent would benefit from the same. A big thank you to Anna EggemeyerCarlos and Oriol for making the language localisation possible!

In the coming weeks, thanks to Soner, Mustafa, OmerWael, we would be launching the site in Turkish and Arabic as well. If you want us to localize our site in your language do let us know, and we would be glad to work closely with you to make it possible.

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This social network will not poke!

It has better things to do.
Inclusive Planet is a live project that is changing lives of people with visual impairment! It is a community where content like journals, books and class notes, is shared in accessible digital formats. So instead of poking around, this social network helps users bridge valuable information gaps in areas such as education and employment.

This holiday season, help us reach out! Spread the word and this could just be the best gift someone’s got in a long, long time

click here to spread the word

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Surprise, surprise!

If you were wondering why the BookBolé blog has merged with this one? Well that’s because BookBolé is now Inclusive Planet!

We did a bit of soul searching and realized that BookBolé, while catchy and focussed, was not something that remained relevant in languages other than English. One thing led to the other and we soon realized that we needed a name that anchored expectations better than books or even accessible content. The answer was right in front of us all this time.

Inclusive Planet summed up exactly what we wanted to be as we evolved from a site that solely focussed on books to one that was building this whole community and marketplace around a shared love for accessible content. As we realign our focus and look at the much bigger picture ahead of us, we hope the renaming gives our audience an instant understanding of what we hope to achieve.


Team Inclusive Planet formerly known as BookBolé

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